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Pasa studio is a design company specializing in the 3D interactive modeling of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Nepal. Through innovative digital graphing, we believe that we cannot only preserve these ancient treasures for generations to come, but also provide a new vehicle for promoting them for tourism purposes. The interactive 3D models will be available as an app ready for any electronic devices so that people have, in hand, a medium for a more enriched experience of these beautiful architectures irrespective of time and place. The company’s core competencies lie in their understanding and experience of 3D interactive design and its application in today’s world.


The App will feature an extensive collection of Nepal’s renowned world heritage sites in 3D. The walkthrough in three dimension with precise details of the monuments will enrich and enhance the way people experience Nepal’s art and architecture, at home and around the world. With a simple, easy to use user interface, information about the history of a monument can be accessed as they walk along the actual monument as a guide or a virtual tour for people across the globe.


The details captured by Pasa Studio can help preserve the heritage sites for generations to come.


With interactive and close up imaging, people worldwide will be able to experience the rich histories, thereby promoting tourism


The app will not only educate tourists and locals but will also be a reference for students in remote areas and those living further in other countries.

  • 100% Compatibility (iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Web)
  • Fully Controllable
  • Virtual tour (Auto mode)
  • 95% accuracy to scale
  • Small file size
  • Customizable for slower devices
  • Packed with infos and pictures
  • Designed to perfection

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